Туристический GPS навигатор Lowrance iFinder H2O

The unit functioned flawlessly and I was able to acquire the unit at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Enter your search keyword. Lowrance iFINDER Pro Handheld 8 product ratings 4. More items related to this product. People who viewed this product also viewed THIS PRODUCT. Best Selling in GPS Units Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Garmin Nuvi 67LM 6 Essential Series GPS Lifetime Maps. Garmin NUVI LMTHD GPS Receiver. That brings us to Section 4, Advanced Mode Operation. When you come to a GPS menu command on the iFINDER screen, you. Cigarette lighter power adapter included. Graphic symbols for waypoints or event marker icons: MOB feature precisely marks man overboard location with special icon, then automatically displays navigation data to that position. Once iFINDER figures its latitude and longi- tude, it plots that position on the moving map shown on the screen. While the screen is updated once a second, your iFINDER is making these in- ternal calculations and determining its position several times a second! Но когда в движении он изумлял. В поездке по порожистой реке записал 3 дневный трек. При спуске шел по показаниям ифиндера, да так увлекся, что впередсмотрящий орал громче бушующей воды не один раз. Проходил свой маршрут с точностью метра вблизи выступающих валунов и скалок. Yes, my password is: Welcome to GPS Forums! Welcome to the GPS Forums where you can ask questions or find answers on anything related to Global Positioning Systems. Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free. Member Login Remember Me Forgot your password? Latest Threads garmin gpsmap 76cx Jim posted Aug 9, at 2: Meteore posted Aug 7, at 3: Страница 46 38 WARNING: Страница 47 39 2. Страница 49 41 Section 4: Страница 52 44 Position Page, left, Position Menu, right. Страница 53 45 Navigation Menu The Navigation Menu allows you to cancel navigation, set up alarms, and plan or edit your route. Страница 54 46 Moving Around the Map: Страница 55 47 3. Страница 56 48 Save icon menu, left, Select symbol menu, right. Страница 57 49 1. Страница 58 50 Cancel Navigation In Easy Mode: Страница 59 51 3. Страница 60 52 Backtrack a Trail See the "tip" paragraph in the previous entry, Navigate a Trail.


Страница 61 53 2. Страница 62 54 7. Страница 63 55 After iFINDER has acquired a position: Страница 64 56 6. Страница 65 57 Easy Mode only allows you to work with one trail. Страница 66 58 GPS Data files: Страница 68 60 Create a Waypoint by Average Position This feature sets a waypoint at the current position after taking several position readings and averaging them.

Lowrance - эмуляторы эхолотов, GPS-навигаторов и картплоттеров и ПО

Страница 69 61 Delete a Waypoint To delete a waypoint: Страница 70 62 Notes. Страница 71 63 Section 5: Страница 72 64 4. Страница 73 65 You can force the unit to immediately kick into auto search mode. Страница 74 66 For connectors and wiring information for another device, consult the factory; phone numbers are in the back of this manual. Страница 75 67 Configure NMEA menu, showing all prefixes turned on checked. Страница 76 68 1. Страница 77 69 Configure Loran TD menu. Страница 78 70 Configure a map fix so iFINDER can find your position on a printed chart or topographical map.

gps lowrance ifinder pro

Страница 79 71 DGPS Status The DGPS Status command opens an indicator screen that lets you keep track of the quality of your DGPS signal. Страница 80 72 Warning: Страница 81 73 and speed boxes back on again, return to the GPS Simulator menu, se- lect the S TEER WITH A RROWS command, and press ENT , then press EXIT EXIT EXIT to return to the previous page.

Lowrance навигатор iFinder H2O открытый IPX7 водонепроницаемый портативный GPS приемник WAAS включен

Страница 82 74 display latitude and longitude grid lines or range rings on the map. Страница 83 75 position in the center. Страница 84 76 GPS Setup Menu, left, Map Datum Menu, right. Страница 85 77 Map orientation at left is shown in north up and at right, track up.

gps lowrance ifinder pro

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    gps lowrance ifinder pro

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